Learn the benefits of burdock tea and how to take it

burdock tea

Learn the benefits of burdock tea and how to take it


Burdock is a light brown root vegetable, usually long, with a slightly sweet and slightly bitter flavor. In Korea, it is primarily used as a herbal medicine and food ingredient and is enjoyed in a variety of dishes and teas. The root’s shape resembles a Chinese organ in the human body called the burdock stomach, hence the name burdock. Burdock has been used in Chinese medicine to improve the body’s constitution and promote digestion, while its antioxidant properties, vitamin C, and various minerals can help boost the immune system and support various bodily functions.

Burdock is used in a wide variety of cuisines, and its tender texture and distinctive flavor make it a versatile ingredient in a variety of foods. One of the ways burdock can be used to support health is by brewing burdock tea. Burdock is used in a variety of foods for its distinctive flavor and health-promoting nutrients, and it’s also considered an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.

burdock tea

Burdock tea effects and benefits

Burdock tea provides a variety of health benefits. The main effects and benefits include:

  • Constipation and diet effects.
    • Inulin, a fiber abundant in burdock, helps relieve constipation by improving bowel function and facilitating bowel movements.
    • In addition, inulin is effective for dieting because it suppresses appetite by increasing satiety.
  • Manages blood sugar and diabetes
    • The compounds in burdock help regulate blood sugar, which is beneficial for people with diabetes.
  • Boosts immunity and detoxifies
    • Burdock is rich in a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, which help boost the immune system.
    • It is also effective for blood purification due to burdock’s detoxifying properties.
  • Improves skin health
    • The antioxidants in burdock help fight skin aging and promote skin health.
  • other effects
    • Burdock tea is diuretic, lowers blood pressure, and stimulates bile secretion, which helps reduce swelling.
    • The anthraquinones in burdock are also effective in relieving constipation.

Overall, burdock tea offers a wide range of health benefits, most notably gut health, blood sugar management, immunity, and improved skin health. Regular consumption can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

How to take burdock tea

Here’s how to effectively consume burdock tea:

  • Prepare burdock
    • Prepare burdock by washing, peeling, and slicing it into thin slices.
  • Brew burdock tea
    • Place the burdock slices in a teacup or teapot, pour boiling water over them and let it steep for 5–10 minutes.
    • Burdock tea tastes differently at different strengths, so you can adjust the strength to suit your personal preference.
  • Drinking burdock tea
    • It is recommended to drink burdock tea hot and slowly.
    • Burdock tea works best before or after meals or as a snack.
  • Burdock tea intake
    • One to two cups of burdock tea per day is common.
    • You can adjust your intake based on your personal health and goals.
  • Storing burdock tea
    • Burdock tea stays fresh longer when stored in the refrigerator.
    • If you purchase powdered burdock tea, you can store it in an airtight container.

As you can see, burdock tea is easy to prepare and consume, and it’s important to adjust your intake to suit your personal preferences and health goals. There are many health benefits to be gained from consuming burdock tea.

burdock tea

Precautions when taking burdock tea

In order to consume burdock tea safely and effectively, the following precautions should be taken:

  • Watch out for allergic reactions
    • People who are allergic to burdock should be cautious when consuming burdock tea.
    • If you experience symptoms such as hives, itching, or difficulty breathing, you should stop consuming it immediately.
  • Check for drug interactions
    • Burdock tea has blood-thinning properties, so caution is advised if you are taking blood thinners or anticoagulants.
    • If you are taking diabetes medication, you should also be aware of changes in blood sugar levels when consuming burdock tea.
  • Moderate intake
    • One to two cups per day is common, but the amount should be adjusted according to the individual’s health condition.
    • Excessive consumption may cause side effects such as stomach discomfort and diarrhea.
  • Pregnancy/Nursing Mothers Caution
    • Pregnant or nursing women should use caution when consuming burdock tea.
    • This is because the ingredients in burdock can affect the fetus or infant.
  • Caution for children
    • Children should be cautious when consuming burdock tea.
    • Excessive consumption may cause side effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort.
    • As you can see, care should be taken when consuming burdock tea, taking into account the individual’s health, medications, and age.

Burdock tea recipes

Burdock tea is a healthy ingredient that can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some of our favorite recipes.

  • Burdock tea latte
    • A burdock tea latte is made by blending burdock tea with milk and honey.
    • The smooth milk and sweet honey blend well with the flavor of burdock tea to create a healthy drink.
  • Burdock tea ice cream
    • A recipe for freezing burdock tea and turning it into ice cream.
    • The nutty flavor and texture of burdock blend well with ice cream.
  • Burdock tea jelly
    • Burdock tea jelly is made with burdock tea and gelatin.
    • It has a refreshing, chewy texture and can be enjoyed as a snack.
  • burdock tea cookies
    • Burdock tea cookies are made with burdock tea.
    • The savory flavor of burdock lends itself well to cookies, making them a healthy snack.

As you can see, burdock tea is a healthy ingredient that can be used in a variety of ways. You can try different recipes depending on your personal preference.


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